Our Center for Cost Effective Government is bringing a lawsuit to stop the practice of having taxpayer funds subsidizing leave time for municipal union leaders to lobby on behalf of union matters. Our suit seeks a declaratory judgment invalidating taxpayer subsidized administrative union leave on the grounds that it is an unconstitutional gift of public monies for a private purpose. While supportive of allowing unions to be represented, the Center believes that such lobbying should be paid for through union dues, not your taxpayer dollars. The cost for union leave amounts to $3 million in Suffolk County government, $25 million in New York City and over $150 million on the federal level.

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The Center’s operations are funded through a mixture of foundation grants and donations from the business and residential communities.  Your contribution will help the center hire more researchers and support itself to do the logistics to build support for change, draft legislation and petitions to bring about that change and coordinate the grass roots efforts to place reform measures on the ballot.