Purchasing Date Grid

The Center is working with a group of districts and municipalities to save money by helping them purchase commonly needed itemsĀ in bulk.

Click this link to see the chart of when districts and municipalities plan to purchase items that can be bought jointly with other districts.

To edit the section for your district, sign into your Google Docs account. If you don’t have one, register for one here to be able to edit the chart, or email us at info@centerforcosteffectivegovernment.org if you feel uncomfortable making a Google Docs account and we can enter your information in the chart for you.

If you haven’t told us what your Google Docs account is, email us at info@centerforcosteffectivegovernment.org so that we can update the chart to let you edit your dates.

Click here to view the many outlets Sachem Schools have tapped to obtain savings.